Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 2: Holy jetlag!

So.... we slept for 12 hours when we only meant for 6. I guess that´s what happens when you´re awake and moving into a new continent for 24+ hours.

But those were 24 super productive hours. We bought and installed new stuff for the flat, explored our neighborhood and Gran Via, went grocery shopping and cooked our first meal, went to El Corte Ingles (which is like if Macy´s were to sell everything that Wal Mart does), and took our first siesta (which was very painful to wake up from). At night, we went wandering around, taking in the night scene. Lots of people - all ages, all different kinds, celebrating lots of different things (we could tell by the different themed costumes lol)...

Today, we´re doing more home stuff, feeling out the area, finding a church and hopefully practicing our train route to school. (Side note: School starts tomorrow, so I´m hoping we can continue to post frequently...)


Outside our apartment

Fixing stuff up

A La Plaza de España

David in the plaza on our corner


  1. Randomly came across your twitter and blog when doing some research about teaching English abroad, and so glad I did! I would love a brief overview of how you went about doing your certification and finding your job if you ever have a free minute. Thanks!

  2. April - Thanks and absolutely! Follow me @alexisbiz and shoot me an email at

  3. Photos show that your apartment is in a good location. And the apartment itself also looks nice. Keep posting those photos!