Saturday, September 3, 2011

We´re here!

We´ve arrived safely to our new home. Not really sure what time it is, but we haven´t slept for more than two hours since we left. We found our apartment and already started home improvements. So far, we´ve been able to get everything we need done with our limited Spanish and pantomime.

Today we´re off to find our own Internet so we can keep these posts coming without having to run to the cafe...

Here are some pictures. Hasta luego,

Malasaña - our new neighborhood
Spanish bakery... they sell meat too. Kind of weird but we were excited.


  1. So glad you guys made it there safe and sound! Your neighborhood looks so cute, I'd love to see pics of your apt when you guys finish fixing it all up :]

    Btw, have you considered starting an Instagram stream? That way you'll be able to post photos from your phone to twitter, fb, etc.

  2. Thanks, LA! Oh yes - more pics to come! <3

  3. Amazing, you're in this new world less than 24 hours since we said our goodbyes! So happy to hear from both of you and please keep posting pictures. Love and miss <3

  4. Look at those pastries! Man, I want to go to Spain!! We're so glad you are safe and sound in your new home :)

  5. Soooo excited and happy for you!!!

  6. I'm relieved that you two had a safe trip to Madrid without a lot of trouble at the airports. Looks like you guys didn't waste time in getting to know your new "barrio". Yup, got to hit the ground running and always be street smart!