Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching our breath

I’m staring at David napping next to me, chugging OJ and hoping this headache goes away before our sure-of-a-hell-of-a-time graduation party later tonight. What. a. month. I’m obsessed with this teaching thing, our TEFL classmates and all that we learned, Madrid, living with David, speaking Spanglish with a lisp, dipping everything in olive oil before I eat it, etc…. and I haven’t even started to TRAVEL yet.

There are lots of things we do in our lives for which we don’t give ourselves credit. That’s where the beauty of reflection comes in. (p.s. this blog and journals that David’s sister gave us have been great for saving our thoughts.) I have always wanted to become a teacher…and now I freaking did it. Thanks to my mama for reminding me that I achieved this dream/goal. I am so proud of David and me for deciding we wanted to do this, packing up our stuff, and DOING it. I’m also proud of my classmates for doing the same! We all have interesting past-life stories. :)

Natasha, our TEFL program director (whom I absolutely love), gave us a session on “Getting the Job” toward the end of the program. Though we were all tired as fudge (or “knackered” as the Brits say!), I managed to find my favorite piece of advice during her schpiel. When taking jobs, she said to not make decisions based on money. We’ll all want to, but don’t, she said. “Think about why you’re here, why you came here.” For those who are treating this as the start to a new career, then go crazy taking jobs. But for those who left 90-hour work weeks or stressful jobs, take care. “We are habitual people,” she said. And at that point, I knew her advice applied to me. I have this nasty habit of occasionally freaking out, pushing myself to take on more XYZ and killing myself until it’s perfect. I didn’t come here to do any of the above; I came here to balance a job and a life (and travel, duh). New goal: Spend more time smelling the roses I have and less time freaking out about planting more roses. Lol, OK you get it.

Tash also told us that we’d be surprised at how little we can live on. Confession: I actually haven’t checked my budget since we’ve been here, but that’s because David and I have only been spending on what we need. I mean seriously, a splurge these days means buying the amazing square pizza down the road instead of eating pasta at home…again. Did you know we don’t have a TV? Or Internet at home? And we very very recently got (pay-as-you-go) mobile phones? It’s lovely. Though one might think we’d kill each other out of boredom or annoyance, it’s not (always) like that. :) Seriously though, of course David and I argue, but there is so much fun and love packed into our tiny apartment.

K. Enough for now. Besitos!
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Greegs popping the champagne open for certificate ceremony!

Woo hoo!

Me with my small group members, Lindsay and Sarah + Alex lol

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