Friday, January 13, 2012

Año Nuevo

Hi! You may not remember us, but we are in fact the authors of this blog. lol.

Paris Dec 30, 2011

During the end of 2011, we were quite busy with teaching, traveling and hosting. But we're back with loads of photos and stories to save here in this precious blog of ours. The task even made my 2012 resolutions list:

  1. Learn beginner French... I know, I know. I should work on my beginner Spanish first. But I fell head over heels for Paris and now feel this need to learn some basic fancy words.
  2. Blog... I can't even say "blog more" because that would mean I blog in the first place. lol. Trust me, I've been dying to write. More force to just sit down and do it is coming this year.
  3. Resume social media projects... I want to stay on top of my game, help organizations and make some extra money for travel. It's a
  4. Start designing... hair accessories and jewelry. I certainly love buying these things and perusing aisles and aisles of artisan stuff at markets. But now I want to make, craft, imagine. I'm excited.
  5. Try to get into modeling... for someone else. David said, if all he has to do is show up on time, I can be his manager and do all the boring stuff! Woo hoo! (I want to thank the 50-year-old former model man who we met on vacay for convincing him. Though introducing himself in the airport bathroom was a little creepy, he really did believe in David. :)) I don't really know what I'm doing, but I have Google and my intuition. Check!

What are your resolutions? What are you most excited for this year?



  1. i can relate with the 'find time to write thing' i need to sit down more often too to be able to write and buffer some articles...

    love your features by the way.. keep em coming...

    if you have time, visit mine too..

    1. Kuya, I didn't know you blogged! :) Just bookmarked it. I love it! ...Looks like I'll have to visit New York Supreme, too!

  2. yes you should... so that we can give them a 'verdict' from a real New Yorker...God bless!

  3. oh wow! hehe i wouldn't say i'm a "real" one (the real REAL ones would be offended! lol). i am in spirit! :)