Friday, February 17, 2012

Food is Love

Forget the flowers. Valentine's Day was such a successful food day for us that I just had to share...

David was present for all v-day activities, I swear! He just takes better photos than I.

  • BrunchSince I no longer have to trek to morning classes (lucky me), I greeted a frozen-nosed David with homemade French toast and syrup (yeah, that's right, I made my own syrup), brown sugary bananas, and mimosas. Later followed by an equally scrumptious siesta.
  • Dinner. Sushi seems like more of a novelty here in Madrid than I'm-starving-Let's-order-a-million-rolls in New York. So, as a result, it's generally expensive. But for San Valentín, we decided to pull out all the stops at Banzai and indulge in the avocado, spicy sauce and tempura that we'd been deprived of for all of six months. Worth it.
  • Dessert. Yes of course dessert gets its own bullet! It is a meal, you know... OK, so we've recently discovered a cozy little magical restaurant tucked away from the bars and clubs of our neighborhood, Malasaña. It's called El Jardin Secreto - the Secret Garden - and it's especially known for its desserts...Being that this visit was my third in one week (seriously...), I felt like an expert. I ordered a red tea - Viento y Olas ("wind and waves"), and David a cafe con leche. We decided on the goodness pictured above - Krakatoa Cubic. Don't be fooled by its size. After whining about how small it was, I was quickly shut up by a bite of dense, smooth chocolate fudge-iness bathing in coffee ice cream and more chocolate sauce. The dish is named after a volcano and is basically a solid cube of heaven. 

Mmmm.... I'm hungry after reliving all of that. We're off to the bitchen to whip up some brunch. Hope you are having a lovely February!

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