Monday, March 19, 2012

Linky Love

Sharing links to some blogs we love.

  • The Lovely Dept. - I went to college with this gal (everyone mistook us for the other, remember that, Rachelle?!) and knew her through some friends of mine. Now, I feel we've kept in touch more online than we did in person! Her site really is a department of all things lovely whose aisles I'll be browsing often. Jewelry, DIY, design... you know, pretty things. She's so talented and creative.

  • Life With a Fork - You know how every group of friends has "that healthy person"? Well Sarah is mine - lol. She blogs about her paleo diet adventures and about living in Madrid - complete with her Atlanta sass. Her recipe for mashed cauliflower perfectly feeds my latest obsession with the neglected step-sibling of broccoli. 

  • Portugalavanting - Love this title. This blog is kept by Alison, a spunky fellow traveler native to Cali whom we met as we were boarding the same flight to Marrakech (and while we were both staring at that rugby team napping peculiarly in a straight line). She's studying in Portugal and shares the same love for this wonderful Mediterranean lifestyle. 

  • English Girl in Madrid - The name says it all. This blog is by Rachel, our dear friend and one of our favorite Brits. I straight up die laughing when I read her posts because they do such a good job at capturing our group's moments - the funny ones, freaking hilarious ones, sweet ones, the tipsy ones... and maybe ones you couldn't remember. She's also got amazing photos from her travels in Spain.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my blog and the others! It was crazy how much people thought we looked alike! Haha. I love following along with your adventures and can't wait to check out these new blogs!