Saturday, April 14, 2012


Just a little roundup of what's going on lately. Teaching, Madrid and our friends have all been fantastic. We're just coming off an amazing "spring break" (I guess you could call it?), which is Semana Santa here in Spain (or, Holy Week). We've still got love, and yes we're still traveling.

Chicken veggie fried rice

My bitchen may only be as big as your pantry, but it's been quite busy these days thanks to inspiration from a little website called Pinterest. I'm addicted. But I think it's the most productive kind of social web surfing (if that's even a thing) long as you actually DO some of the stuff you pin. I've got a long list of recipes to try including: s'mores pancakes, sweet potato burgers and cauliflower tater tots (I know, right?).

Let's not even get into the crafts...
Easter eggs with Rachel

We've been lucky to have so many people come visit us so far! And even more
who've booked tickets for this summer! With each visit, our walking tours get better, homemade brunch gets tastier and knowledge about the city seems more...believable. lol. Full posts to come, but here's a little peek.

Claudia & Richie out in Malasana - My parents at El Botin
My Godfather & his family at San Gines - David's parents at Retiro 

Homeland Report
We love hearing about what's happening at home: family and friends getting engaged, starting new jobs, cousins going into college, people traveling, and just living... Of note, one of David's best friends, Rutger, began a solo bike trip across America this past week. And he's blogging about it! Just a few days in, and it's already exciting (and some parts hilarious). Check it out here.

Rutger taking a little break on his bike trip across America. Be safe & good luck!

These days, they are:

  • Once Upon A Time (ABC TV series)
  • Fried cauliflower
  • and Draw Something

Drawing of the day: David's "Drake." In case you couldn't figure it out, it's NOT Lil Wayne, NOT Nicki Minaj, and no, it's NOT the "bird" "man." 

Travel Calendar
Up next...

  • Rome for David's birthday weekend
  • Barcelona during Emilio and Ashley's Madrid visit
  • Amsterdam
  • Tenerife, Canary Islands!!!

Tis all for now. We love you, and we miss you.

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