Friday, July 13, 2012

TEFL Teacher Lessons Learned: Vol. 2

As the regular teaching year ends, I've been getting surprisingly sentimental about some of my students. You grow attached. For many people in Spain, the ability to speak English well is not just a hobby or a trick to bust out at parties (though pick-up lines and drinking games have definitely made their way into a lesson or two). Lots of my students need to maintain a certain level to keep their jobs, find a job or get promoted. My kiddies need to pass certain English exams to have the best chance at being accepted into their top university picks.

To see someone grow and learn new things under your care has been a rewarding and satisfying experience for me. It's also been an interesting way to learn about the people and culture of Spain.

OK, on to the TEFL/ESL lessons learned!

  1. It gets easier after the first 3 months of teaching.
    "It" being namely the lesson planning. The trainers at our certification program, TtMadrid, said it would, and they were right. After the holiday break (our 3-month mark), David and I resumed classes with this newfound feeling of "I got this sh*t." Which - believe me - was so warmly welcomed after weeks of "wtf are we doing."

    Tip: To acquire aforementioned "I got this sh*t" confidence, read on....
  2. Recycle, recycle, recycle. Recycle your lessons. You will save so much time, and you'll just get better and better at teaching that lesson.
    Blank board game and dice that can be used for ANYthing         
    Tip: Plan good lessons that are adaptable for any level or age. For example, jot down a different set of vocab words upper-level Ss, or make a note to review difficult phrases before reading a passage for lower-levels. Nothing fancy.

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Madrid Photos!

We're pleased to announce that we have finally done a huge update to our Madrid photo album! Check it out... click the photo player to the right of this post.

Madrid Pride parade 2012 - Gran Via - XL tintos in hand

Time is flying by. Among the latest events are....
  • David's parents come to visit during Semana Santa
  • Impromptu surprise engagement party (surprise for our friends, not us :) they thought they were coming over for David's birthday)
  • Emilio & Ashley come to visit
  • Various picnics and lazy days in the park
  • Our 2-year anniversary 
  • Dei Dei's birthday
  • Exploring Casa de Campo
  • Shannon's karaoke birthday
  • Sushi night at the future Rodriguez's!
  • Greego's going-away extravaganza, AKA emotional roller coster weekend
  • Justin & Monica come to visit
  • Juliana's UEM graduation 
  • Rachel & Indu's birthday festivities
  • Pride Weekend - parade
  • Euro Cup celebrations - CAMPEONES!