Friday, July 6, 2012

New Madrid Photos!

We're pleased to announce that we have finally done a huge update to our Madrid photo album! Check it out... click the photo player to the right of this post.

Madrid Pride parade 2012 - Gran Via - XL tintos in hand

Time is flying by. Among the latest events are....
  • David's parents come to visit during Semana Santa
  • Impromptu surprise engagement party (surprise for our friends, not us :) they thought they were coming over for David's birthday)
  • Emilio & Ashley come to visit
  • Various picnics and lazy days in the park
  • Our 2-year anniversary 
  • Dei Dei's birthday
  • Exploring Casa de Campo
  • Shannon's karaoke birthday
  • Sushi night at the future Rodriguez's!
  • Greego's going-away extravaganza, AKA emotional roller coster weekend
  • Justin & Monica come to visit
  • Juliana's UEM graduation 
  • Rachel & Indu's birthday festivities
  • Pride Weekend - parade
  • Euro Cup celebrations - CAMPEONES!