Saturday, October 27, 2012

Madrid Memories

I will miss the smell of bollerias in the morning - croissants, napolitanas and apple tarts. I'll miss hearing dishes clanking for dinner time at 9:30 (at the earliest) through our windows. I'll miss botellon, drinking in the plazas with friends 'til the wee hours... And Gran Via, Cibeles, Plaza Mayor - all those grand things that make you feel tiny, but tiny in a good way, like you have so much more to do and see in this world. I'll miss picnics in the park. I will miss the leisure, the invaluable time I was able to spend reflecting on what's important to me, what my dreams were and are now, and what I'm doing. I'll miss the culture. Work/life balance. The mentality that there's no day busy enough to be forced to skip lunch or even take a 5-minute one. I will miss the friends we have made here. Though we will continue to be friends for ages, the moments we've spent here together could never be recreated. I'll miss being able to walk to everything. I'll miss our tiny first home that David and I have shared together.

Throughout the year, we've posted photos from our travels and visitors, but this album is a collection of some of my favorite memories in Madrid, our day-to-day shenanigans. Please excuse all the food pictures.

Check out my album here.


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